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The Biotechnology Centre of Azores (CBA) aims to be a strategic R&D unit in the area of Biotechnology, and its interaction with Agricultural and Biological Sciences. The CBA conducts applied and basic research, and will help to bridge the gap between research and market, creating new jobs, ideas, knowledge and education for an inclusive and innovative society. Given the geological nature, biodiversity and location of the Azores, the genetic resources available here arouse scientific interest, positioning the archipelago as a laboratory of excellence. Considering this, the CBA outlined objectives focused on the knowledge and valorisation of endogenous resources, applicable not only locally, but also at the global level.


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SafePGR - Towards Safer Plant Genetic Resources through improved viral diagnostics
Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in native forest of Azores and their biotechological application
WETREST - Wetland Restoration: Renaturalization Processes and Biodiversity Valorisation in Environmental Management
BIOCOMES - Biological control manufacturers in Europe develop novel biological control products to support the implementation of Integrated Pest Management in agriculture and forestry

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