The CBA goal is to promote excellent research, advanced education and technology transfer, to be competitive within the International research community, highlighting the regional natural resources as a source for competitive research, innovative products and solutions. Through a multidisciplinary research group, we aim to study and sustainably use the endogenous genetic resources with biotechnological potential to benefit the agricultural, bioindustrial and environmental sectors. The success will depend on the attainment of the following strategic and scientific objectives.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Develop tools and skills in the Biotechnology domain to integrate them in the Agricultural, Environmental and Bioindustrial sectors;

  2. Reinforce the infrastructures and skilled human resources;

  3. Endorse collaborations with international and national groups to build-up networks; collaborate on Master and Doctoral programs, and on training postdoctoral researchers;

  4. Broadly disseminate the CBA results;

  5. Promote the development of innovative products and services, leading to the emergence of spin-offs.

 Scientific Objectives:

Scientific Objectives rely on the integration of different scientific subjects and competences to develop two interconnected research themes:

  1. Plant health and biointeractions

    • study and development of biopesticides, biocompounds and parasitoids for pest control

    • plant pathogen identification and interaction studies

  2. Sustainable management and biotechnological exploitation of Azorean natural resources

    • Exploitation of recombinant enzymes and bacterial consortiums in bioremediation and deconstruction of wastes

    • Development of bioactive molecules formulation in nanomaterial’s for new applications

    • Plant genomics, in vitro culture and landscape genetics as tools for plant diversity preservation and valorisation, as well as for sustainable management of ecosystems


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