Maria Susana Lopes

Assistant Researcher


Biotechnology Centre of Azores

University of the Azores

Rua Capitão João D'Avila

9700-042 Angra do Heroísmo

Terceira, Azores, Portugal



Maria Susana Lopes

Assistant Researcher

I started my research career during the final year of my degree as an ERASMUS student at the Institute of Applied Microbiology and at the Institute of Applied Genetics from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. There I used "Biotechnology in virus diagnosis and molecular characterization of grape varieties of the Azores". Since than I have regularly published studies on vine genetics and in 2007 received the Álvaro Baltasar Moreira da Fonseca Prize awarded by the Duriense Viticulture Development Association, for the contribution to the development of viticulture in the Douro DOP region, with the work: "Discrimination of Portuguese grapevines based on microsatellite markers".

Thus I started my research activity studying genetics relationships among Portuguese grapevines I have also analysed other fruit trees, endemic species and animals.

My work contributed to the recognition of the Barbado da Terceira, Terceira Pony and Graciosa Donkey as breeds by Portuguese authorities.

I collaborate with several researchers in animal and plant genomics from around the world and am a member of the Equine Genetic Diversity Consortium and the Horse Genome Project.

At present my main areas of interest are Animal and Plant Genetics, Population Genetics and Genomic Selection.


Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in native forest of Azores and their biotechological application
Supply of endemic plants for landscaping of the thermal treatment and waste valuation center of Terceira Island
CONNECT.GENE – A genetic landscape approach to sustain rare species connectivity for small islands biodiversity
AzNativePlantVirus – Insights on the diversity and prevalence of viruses on Azorean native plants by metagenomics: implications on plant biodiversity conservation and crop production

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