Valorization and recovery of the Azorean native flora

  • Ref.º 55/2015/DRA
  • Regional research project
  • From 2016 to 2018


On this project we intend to use biotechnological methods for the recovery and preservation of endemic species in critical danger and, on the other hand, to evaluate the potential for agriculture use of certain native plant species. In order that:

  • In vitro culture protocols are being developed for the conservation and propagation of native plant species, thus creating conditions for its large scale production as a means of sustaining repopulation programs;

  • Evaluation and selection of genotypes of the native plants Uva-da-Serra (Vaccinium cylindraceum) and Silva-Mansa (Rubus hochstetterorum) with potential to be domesticated and study of their cultivation conditions, in order to increase the productivity of these species and to take advantage of the nowadays marketing opportunities associated with wild fruits;

  • Established of trial fields to evaluate production systems in crop fields.

Funding Institution

Direção Regional do Ambiente - Governo dos Açores


 Fundação Gaspar Frutuoso / University of Azores

CBA team Coordinator

CBA Team


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