Genetic engineering of nematode toxins for bio-insecticidal potential assessment

Post-Doutoral fellowships   From 2012 to 2019


Duarte Toubarro


Nelson Simões

Funding Institution

FCT, Ref. SFRH / BPD / 77483 / 2011


The  main objective was to identify toxins produced by entomopathogenic nematodes ( EPN) and to test its applicability as a new biological insecticide. The activities performed reached the proposed objectives and confirmed the scientific hypothesis underlying the initial work plan, that the molecules excreted by the nematode have insecticidal activity and have great potential as a bio-pesticide. Data obtained improved the state of the art in EPN, namely: in the identification and characterization of exosomes, for the first time in EPNs; the demonstration for the first time that products secreted / excreted by EPN modulate the insect's immune system at the level of gene suppression; the identification of virulence marker genes through the comparative transcriptome of virulent and non virulent EPN strains.


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