WETREST - Wetland Restoration: Renaturalization Processes and Biodiversity Valorisation in Environmental Management

  • Ref.º DRCT M2.1.2/I/033/2011
  • Regional research project
  • From 2012 to 2016



The WETREST project objectives were to create instruments for the restoration of peatlands into conditions of greater appreciation of their regulatory and biodiversity capacities. This project arose from a growing demand for the definition of peatlands restoration strategies for Terceira, as these represent 52% of RAMSAR and are extremely important as water reservoir and carbon sink. Results are accessible in two digital books: (1) Guide of Azorean Peatlands – Classification, Ecology and Conservation and (2) Ecological cartography for landscape planning and conservation of central plateau Ramsar of Terceira Island.

Funding Institution

DRCT - Governo dos Açores


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CBA Team


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