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Articles in non-SCI journals

  • 2023

    Teixeira MB, Soares AO, Calvet MT, Peñalver Á, Monteiro H, Frias J, Borges PAV, Simões N (2023): Monitoring ground arthropods in maize and pasture fields of São Miguel and São Jorge Islands: IPM-Popillia Project. v1.3. Universidade dos Açores. Dataset/Sampling event. accessed via on 2023-10-13.

    Articles in non-SCI journals

  • 2022

    Maıwan, N. , Yıldız, M. , Salih, S. & Luna, S. (2022). An Overview of Haploid and Double Haploid Production Methods in Wheat . Black Sea Journal of Agriculture, 5(3), 344-350. DOI: 10.47115/bsagriculture.1100166

    Articles in non-SCI journals

  • 2017

    Sousa RG, Santos JM, Silva LM, Alexandre LA, Esteves T, Rocha S, Monjardino P, Marques de Sá J, Figueiredo F, Quelhas P 2017. Stacked Denoising Autoencoders and Transfer Learning for Immunogold Particles Detection and Recognition. arXiv:1712.02824

    Articles in non-SCI journals

  • 2014

    Pereira, M.J., Almeida, V., Fontes, A. & Tavares A. (2014). Propagation of the Azorean native Morella faya (Aiton) Wilbur. Silva lusitana, Número Especial: 49 – 62.

    Articles in non-SCI journals


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