Duarte Nuno Toubarro Tiago

Post-Doc Researcher


Faculty of Science and Technology

University of the Azores

Rua da Mãe de Deus

9500-321 Ponta Delgada

São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal



Duarte Nuno Toubarro Tiago

Post-Doc Researcher

Education: Degree in Biology, PhD in Biotechnology.

Research Areas:

1) Innovation and improvement in biological control of agricultural pests: (i) improvement of nematodes used in biological control by a genomic approach; ii) identification of new insecticidal and immuno-modulating molecules by a functional proteomics approach; and (ii) nano-formulation of new bio-pesticides.

2) Biotechnological valorization of genetic resources: i) research of new extremophilic enzymes with industrial application; ii) research on new natural molecules with insecticidal and immuno-modulating activity (algae, marine bacteria, bacteria from hydrothermal sources in the Azores); and (ii) use of bacterial consortia for the deconstruction of available biomass and bio-products from the industry (serum, feathers, green waste, algae).


Toubarro D, Gouveia A, Ribeiro RM, Simões N, da Costa G, Cordeiro C, Santos R (2016) Cloning, Characterization, and Expression Levels of the Nectin Gene from the Tube Feet of the Sea Urchin Paracentrotus Lividus. Mar Biotechnol 18(3): 372-83. doi: 10.1007/s10126-016-9698-4.

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